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  1. Our Family Message Board Started on January 18, 2015.

  2. Hi Mellissa! You’re the first person to post on our brand new Write Home Message Board!!! Yeah Mellisa!
    I found Sharon in the tree. She’s the granddaughter of David Newton Caudill. Ironically, one of our cousins sent me an old picture of David Newton Caudill just today. Mary Edith is pictured to David’s right hand.
    Look on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1073671115983730&set=p.1073671115983730&type=1&theater or write to me if you’d like a copy!
    – Lenny

  3. Eric G says:

    I found this website this morning. Very nice! I’m a descendant of Thomas A Caudill, son of James Sr, grandson of Stephen. I’ve enjoyed the information you have here!

    • I’m genuinely glad you did Eric. I’m working on the Colonial Records page currently. Chronicling everything I can about Stephen and his brood.
      I located precisely his 1731 property which is new research to the best of my knowledge. I also located his 1759 property in Lunenburg on Flat Rock Road. I’m focusing on his Red Oak property now and it’s starting to come into focus. I know it’s immediately south of the Nottaway River between Red Oak Creek and Wildcat Creek right by Fort Pickett. Just trying to pin down the boundaries.
      Please come back often.
      Thomas A. has always been an interest for me. His (supposed) journey to SC is something I’d like to explore in depth at some point.
      – Lenny

  4. Lenny Caudill says:

    Mary Kitchen relayed this story about Martin & Jannie — “I talked with Aunt Bertha today. This is what she said Grandma Bessie told her……….

    Bessie had to take care of the younger kids when Martin and Janie work in the fields.
    ( She(Aunt Bertha) said she thought it was odd to have fields in the mountains when she was young. Only as she got older did she realize there was level and cleared places in the mountains.) She stayed outside with the younger siblings because of the snakes going into the cabin. She would take a quilt and put the youngest one on it. One day while they were out there a black bear came out of the woods. She said that she barely got the young ones in the cabin and the door closed when the bear was scratching on the door trying to get in. They stayed in the house the rest of the day and she was looking for snakes the whole time. Can you imagine how dark it was with no windows.They had to be terrified.”

  5. Richard Caudill says:

    Lenny, My main interest has been with the families of Elder Daniel Caudill in the Gap Civil area. I have some documentation that I would like to share with you. I am not sure which would be the best way to approach this. You have been a rock in holding this together. Beautiful website.

  6. Avery L Austin says:


    I do not know whom I should direct this inquiry, but here goes. I’m looking for information regarding my Great Grandmother Nancy Caudill. Her father was Malachi Caudill and mother was Martha French. My records have Nancy’s d.o.b. as 8/8/1869.

    Nancy married my Great Grandfather William Wesley Osborne in 1885, Tazewell Co Virginia. While I have a lot of information regarding my Great Grandfather we have very little on his first wife Nancy.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    Avery L Austin

  7. David Roberts says:

    Hello, my name is David Roberts and I am descended from the Georgia Caudells. I’ve traced my lineage to the Caudills of North Carolina/Virginia (Benjamin Caudill, Sr. – son of James Caudill, Sr. – son Stephen Caudill) Hope I got that right. Anyway, Benjamin Sr. served in the Revolutionary War as did some of his brothers. He received a land grant for his service in Habersham County, GA. I’m trying to find out some more history on Benjamin and his service (unit, engagements, etc.) Any help is very much appreciated.

  8. Richard Caudill says:

    Lenny, I just read your article in the Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society, Inc. newsletter. Wonderful. I always felt that the publication could use some research on the early families of NC. The Caudills are often excluded from an important time in history. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. Dianne Caudill McLambg says:

    My grandfather.was Andrew Robin Caudill.He married Ida. Louellen Lee after his first wife died. Andrew Robin had 2 sons by his first wife. They were Johnand Gene Caudill.He. Andrew and Ida had 3 sons and 2 daughters .Sons were Hubert Csudill , James Frederick Caudill.He and myfather Edward LeeCaudill.The girls were Margaret Csudill and Ibis Caudill
    l.Edward.was born in 1922 and died in 1978.Edward had a son named Donald Lee Caudill3daughters Carolyn Caudill.He Hudson, Barbara Caudill.He Rhodes and myself Diane Caudill.He McLamb. I am proud to be a Caudill.

  10. Dianna says:


    My mother, Alice, was a Caudill. I have been trying to trace her family. I believe I have the right information but, would like to have confirmation from someone who has researched the Caudill family. I think that we descended from James Caudill, Jr. and Mary A. Adams Caudill from Letcher Co, Kentucky. His son John Caudill Breathitt Co, KY and Nancy Roberts Caudill had a daughter Mary “Polly” Caudill aka Pollie Caudle bor 8-4-1828 in Breathitt Co. and died 10-23-1862. She had several children with Syra Combs but, was not married to him so, the children carried the Caudill name. Her son was Benjamin Franklin Caudill 9-4-1850 Breathitt Co. to 2-14-1938 Breathitt Co. My mother told me that her father, Albert Caudill, told her that we were actually Combs not Caudills but she didn’t know how. So I am trying to find the connection. If anyone has any information I would be so greatfull if you would share it with me. Thanks in advance. Dianna

  11. Mostyn Thayer says:

    My nephew’s wife is a Caudill who I traced back to James “Jimmie” Caudill Jr. (1753-1840), and beyond, but have encountered several perplexing questions in trying to figure out whether he was married once, or twice? I have my family tree on ancestry.com and do most of my research there. But there is a LOT of BAD information out there, that can easily spread like wildfire. … James Jr. seems to have married a Mary Adams, and may have also previously married a Sarah James?? It doesn’t seem clear if he was in fact married twice, and in what order … or if he was only married once? I have seen notes and mentions of a 1770 marriage and another on Feb. 9, 1785??
    Also, the first child which I felt comfortable attributing to James Jr. was William C. “Billy” Caudill (1779-1880) … but if he had married in 1770, certainly seems that there would have been children before 1779.
    Can you help me sort through this puzzle?
    Mostyn Thayer

  12. Hello All!

    My name is William Caudill, and I am a descendent of James “Caudill” Caudle who died in 1684 Virginia Colony. I have been working on stitching together our family history, and have been able to with a lot of help of local historian’s in my area, a bunch of genealogy material and tons of coffee to trace our family back to Hugh de Cadella who died in 1060 AD in Nairn Scotland. We are planning a Caudill Family Heritage Tour for June 2017 to Cawdor and Nairn Scotland. 2 years ago we took a similar family heritage tour to Kentucky and was written about in the local paper in Shelbyville. If anyone is interested in join us or would like more info about my discoveries as far the family tree that we have been able to piece together let me know.

    Here is a link to our Facebook page:

  13. Kathryn Peterson says:

    MY GRANDFATHER WAS WILLIAM R. CAUDILL, born October 28,1905 in Mooorehead,KY. He passed away in 1997. His parents were My mom is Judith Caudill Peterson.

    William H. Caudill and Maude Jane (Leadingham) Caudill. I am new at trying to trace our geneology and would appreciate all the help anyone can give 🙂 Very happy to have found this page, My email is Annasmom65@yahoo.com

  14. Lc says:

    Moses Quarles of St. Andrews Parish grants 88 A of Red Oak Run at Hubbard Quarles line and Joshua Frys to John Gunter. Wit. John Gunter Jr., Joshua Draper, Tho Terrill. Sold because moving.
    September 1755.
    Book 32, pp.594-595. 88 acs adjacent to Hubbard Quarles and Edmunds on Red Oak Run.

  15. Richard Caudill says:

    I have a question. In the Hertfordshire Settlement Certificates , which is related to the 1662 Act of settlement and Removal by King Charles and requires the poor to seek help from their home parish, There seems to be a large number of Caudles in the list. Mentioned are John Caudle, 1702; Elizabeth Caudell, 1707; Benjamin Caudle, 1746; Richard Caudle, 1708 and 1745; John Cawdle, 1699; and Thomas Cawdle, 1738. I have seen a couple of Caudells arriving in America as indentured but I am surprised at how poor the family seems to be. Are these victims of the endless wars in Europe?

  16. Richard Caudill says:

    Another great article in the Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society, Inc., spring 2017 edition. Mahala Richardson Caudill has written about the family of John A.Caudill. I have found the “Society” to be a valuable resource. Membership dues are minimal.

  17. Mike Blevins says:

    My name is Mike Blevins.My Grandmother was FLORENCE CAUDILL BLEVINS,married to WILLIAM(BILLY)BLEVINS.They lived in Wilkes,Co.,N.C. I would love to hear from any one with information about her.

  18. Daniel E Hart says:

    My name is Daniel Everette Hart, eldest son of Ada Anne (Brooks) and from her second marriage (after being widowed) to James Everett Hart. My maternal grandmother was Laura Alice Caudill, married in 1907 to Thomas Brooks. We are descended from Jeremiah Caudill.
    From the Caudill family tree:
    938,939 was born 15 Nov 1914 in NC940, and died Abt. 1960941.
    She married (1) LESTER LEE NELSON942,943. He died Abt. 1949943. She married (2) JAMES EVERETT
    HART944,945 Abt. 1951945.
    More About ADA ANNIE BROOKS:
    Residence: Harford Co. MD, circa. 1930
    More About JAMES HART and ADA BROOKS:
    Marriage: Abt. 1951945
    Children of ADA BROOKS and LESTER NELSON are:
    456. ii. VERGIE NELSON, b. 23 Jul 1937, Baltimore, MD.
    Children of ADA BROOKS and JAMES HART are:
    iii. MARK11 HART947.
    457. iv. DANIEL EVERETT HART, b. Abt. 1952.
    458. v. JOHN WESLEY HART, b. Abt. 1958

    Thank you to my cousins who have worked so hard trying to bring the family together. I am physically unable to join you or to visit the ancestral home, but it is wonderful to know you are all out there and to get a taste of our history. The Caudill line is the only one of my ancestral lines I have been able to trace, and I could nnot have done that without your help. Thank you.

  19. Lenny says:

    Jesse Caudle lives near the Gentry’s and James Smith. In 1810, he’s near Richard Allen and Jesse Allen. Jeremiah buys 140 acres from William Hampton in 1808. In 1807, William Hampton and Jesse Allen are granted 200 acres near Richard Allen’s corner. Wondering if William Hampton sold 140 acres to Jeremiah and Jesse Allen kept 60 acres.

  20. Ronnie Chip Morgan says:

    Hello, all. I literally just found this site about an hour ago and have enjoyed surfing through the various parts. Incredible job and sooo much work!

    My name is Ronnie (Chip) Morgan and I come from the Cordell family tree in Georgia. I’ve been able to trace our lineage on that branch back to Jeremiah Cordell, who was born in Georgia in 1815 and died in Walker County, GA in 1876 (where much of that part of my family still reside). Jeremiah was a carpenter and a staunch Union man – actually won an award from the Southern Claims Commission for lost property during the Civil Was). I haven’t been able to get back much further than that, however.

    It is a possibility that Jeremiah’s father was Stephen Cordell, born 1786 in Rowan, NC, married in 1803 in Wilkes County, NC, and died in Banks, GA in 1858. If familysearch.org is to be believed (and I don’t yet, at least without some verification), Stephen’s father was Benjamin Caudill, born 1755 in Lunenburg, VA.

    I’m almost positive that the Cordell name was a derivative of Caudill as my Ancestry DNA matches are absolutely littered with that name starting at about 4th cousin. If you have thoughts or direction on where I should look, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, enjoy next week’s family reunion.

    All my best, Chip

  21. Jim Cordell says:

    Hello! My name is Jim Cordell. My great great great grandfather was Jackson Caudle (Caudill?) – 1802-1880 – from Anson NC. I’m a member of the Caudill DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA.com. I know we’re related – thru a marriage with a Maness family member – but I can’t find the connection between Jackson and the rest. Any assistance would be most appreciated!

    (Jackson married Elvira, and they produced Martha, Eliza, Benjamin “Berry,” William Jackson, Elvira Jane, John E., James M., and George).

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