Second Industrial Revolution (1878-1914)

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A chronological listing of the family’s history during the period marked by the end of Reconstruction and the beginning of World War I.

American Civil War and Reconstruction (1861-1877).  Please feel free to leave comments in the blog space at the bottom of this page if you see errors or know of a missing event entries that should be included.

Please feel invited to leave comments by Writing Home if you see errors or know of a missing event entry that should be included and use citations whenever possible.

Important or interesting historical events are included and highlighted in GREEN to assist the reader in establishing a context between the indexed events and our country’s history.  By example, Absalom Caudle mustered into the Revolutionary War five months after George Washington was named Commander in Chief.

Information based upon oral tradition and oral lore is highlighted in YELLOW.  Yellow is the color of caution and was used here by no mistake.

See our EXPANSION, POLITICAL REFORM, and TURMOIL page for events that transpired prior to 1861.





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