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    1. Linda Cooper says:

      I am researching the Caudills in Wilkes County, NC. Do you have proof that James Caudle (c1720-c1830) was the father of Stephen Caudle (1763-1839) and that he was the father of David Caudle (c1785-c1850) and that he was the father of Daniel Caudle (1805-1877)? I have been digging online and in the NC Archives and have found lots of circumstantial proof, but nothing definitive. I will be glad to share what I have found including tax records for Wilkes County 1784-1799 and/or swap time picking up/sending records from the NC archives to you for help with definitive proof of those generations. I have been through the deeds but did not find anything except more circumstantial evidence. All help very much appreciated.

      • I doubt you’ll ever find anything to prove these relationships irrefutably. The Rev. War pension records prove that James Junior and Stephen A. were brothers.
        I’ve started even further back looking at the Colonial Records trying to figure all this out.
        Read through our Colonial Records page …

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