Chapter 169 – Jeremiah Caudill

Jeremiah Caudill [169] was born abt. 1779 and died in Wilkes County NC some time just prior to 1830.  He married Sarah Adams [108], daughter of John Hobbs Adams, Jr. [4684] and Nancy Ann Caudle [4685].  Without proof and by tradition, Nancy Ann Caudle was a daughter of Benjamin Caudle [112] and Elizabeth Buckner [450].   

Jeremiah and Sarah had nine children, five boys and four girls.

Table 169-1: Children of Jeremiah Caudill and Sarah Jane Adams Caudill.

No. Name ID No. Birth Death
1 Sarah Caudill [178] October 5, 1801
Wilkes Co., NC
June 5, 1886
2 John B. Caudill [170] August 24, 1802
Wilkes Co., NC
Aft. August 21, 1880
Wilkes Co., NC
3 William Caudill [171] Abt. 1803
Wilkes Co., NC
Abt. 1895
Lawrence Co., KY
4 Pheraby Caudill [173] Abt. 1805
Wilkes Co., NC
Abt. 1870
Wilkes Co., NC
 5 Riley Caudill [176] Abt. 1812
Wilkes Co., NC
6 Johnson Caudill [179] Abt. 1816
Wilkes Co., NC
Aft. 1903
7 Lucy Caudill [177] Abt. 1818
Wilkes Co., NC
8 Cynthia Caudill [174] Abt. 1819
Wilkes Co., NC
Abt. 1901
9 Joseph Caudill [175] Abt. 1821
Wilkes Co., NC

August 4, 1800

Second Census of the United States, Wilkes County, NC

During this census, there were three people enumerated within Jeremiah’s household. Jeremiah is listed as Head of Household and he and Sarah have a young male child residing with them under ten years of age.  By tradition, Sarah was their first child born in 1801. Is this young male perhaps Jesse P. Caudill [235]?

  • One male under 10, therefore, born between 1790-1800;
  • One male between 16-25, therefore, born between 1784 and 1775;
  • One female between 16-25, therefore, born between 1784 and 1775;

Year: 1800; Census Place: Morgan, Wilkes, North Carolina; Series: M32; Roll: 33; Page: 33;
Observing an image of the original document, the handwriting all appears to be by the same individual and the names are listed in a nearly alphabetic order. The final list was almost certainly compiled into it’s final form.
Others persons of interest enumerated within this census:

    • Archelous Craft;
    • James Caudle;
    • Matthew Caudle;
    • Jesse Caudle;
    • Stephen Caudle;
    • James Caudle;

October 5, 1801
Sarah Caudill, first born child

It was a Monday,

1810: Third Census of the United States, Wilkes County, NC
During this census, there were eight people enumerated within Jeremiah’s household. Jeremiah is listed as Head of Household
Year: 1810; Census Place: Wilkesborough, Wilkes, North Carolina; Roll: 43; Page: 857
1820: Fourth Census of the United States, Wilkes County, NC August 7, 1820
During this census, there were ten people enumerated within Jeremiah’s household. Jeremiah is listed as Head of Household
Males – Under 10: 3 {Johnson, 4}
Males – 10 thru 15: 1
Males – 16 thru 18: 1 {John, 18}
Males – 16 thru 25: 1
Males – 26 thru 44: 1 {Jeremiah Caudle, 41}
Females – 10 thru 15: 2 {Pheraby, 15 + one unexplained}
Females – 16 thru 25: 1 {Sarah Caudill, 19}
Females – 26 thru 44: 1 {Sarah Adams Caudill, 40}
1820 U S Census; Census Place: Wilkes, North Carolina; Page: 510

August 24, 1802

John B. Caudill, second born child

Abt. 1803

William Caudill, third born child

Abt. 1805

Pheraby Caudill, fourth born child

February 4, 1807

In a grant entered February 4, 1807, Jesse Allen and William Hampton were granted a 200 acre tract described approximately as, “… beginning on Richard Allen’s corner”.  The recordation in Book 123, p.213, further describes the tract as adjacent to the properties of ‘Canadey’, {sic. Kennedy}, and James Tompkins.  In other subsequent pages, the property is further described as beginning on the corner of Richard Allen’s 80 acre tract.

On September 29,  1803, Richard Allen was granted 80 acres, “… on the Little Buggabo Creek …”.((File 2113, Book: 117 pg: 24, Grant no.: 2386, Entered: 28 Oct 1800, Entry no.: 1052.))  In total, between 1778 and 1831, there were not less than seventeen grants to Richard Allen summing to over two thousand acres in Wilkes County — most of these grants were in the area surrounding Bugaboo Creek. 

The metes and bounds property description indicates that Richard Allen, Jr. and Jeremiah Caudell were the survey chain carriers, as signified by the indication of C.C. next to their names.

In 1808, William Hampton sold Jereimiah Caudill 140 acres of land (see below).  Without knowing if Hampton owned yet other properties, it’s possible that some of this 200 acres was parceled and sold to Jeremiah {inconclusive}.

Richard Allen, Jr. was Jesse Allen was Richard Allen’s brother.  Richard Allen married Sarah Hampton, William Hampton’s sister.  This grant was being presented to Sarah’s brother William and her brother-in-law, Jesse.  Richard Allen, Jr. and Sarah Hampton Allen are buried at the White Plains Baptist Church Cemetery in Roaring River, NC.  The church is but a mile from the Little Bugaboo Creek so it all fits quite neatly.

Grant Entry No. 2147 – Jesse Allen & William Hampton

Book 123, p.213

p.1p.2p.3p.4p.5 + p.6

December 12, 1808

G&H.412 (1808) Jeremiah Caudill
Link to the Deed PDF   William Hampton To Jeremiah Caudill Deed 140

June 7, 1810

By 1810, Jeremiah Caudill resided on the East Fork of Roaring River adjoining Joel Sparks as evidenced by this grant of 50 acres to Joel Sparks entered June 7, 1810.

Figure 169-1: NORTH CAROLINA LAND GRANTS, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh NC, microfilm call # S.108.160.34N frame 61. Issued: December 14, 1811, Book: 126 pg: 88, Grant no.: 2848, File No. 2444, Joel Sparks, 50 acres Lying on E. fork of Roaring River adjoining Jeremiah Candill [sic Caudill], Entered: June 07, 1810, Entry no.: 799
Other Identifiers: File no.: 2444, MARS:
The property metes and bounds calls: 50 acres, begin at a stake on Jeremiah Caudill’s NE Corner; S 70 poles to a poplar; E 114 poles to a black oak; N 70 poles to a red oak; W 114 poles to the point of beginning.

14 Dec 1811
Book: 126 pg: 88
Grant no.: 2848
07 Jun 1810
Entry no.: 799
Other Identifiers:
File no.: 2444
Subjects (in archivist order):
Sparks, Joel
Roaring River
Candill, Jeremiah

August 6, 1810

Third Census of the United States, Wilkes County, NC

Abt. 1812

Riley Caudill, fifth child born

War of 1812
Name: Jeremiah Caudle
Rank – Induction: PRIVATE
Rank – Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box: 36
Microfilm Publication: M602
National Archives and Records Administration. Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M602, 234 rolls.

Abt. 1816

Johnson Caudill, sixth child born

Abt. 1818

Lucy Caudill, seventh child born

Abt. 1819

Cynthia Caudill, eighth child born

Abt 1821

Joseph Caudill, ninth child born

Sunday April 24, 1825
Sarah Caudill married Major Joines

Sarah married Major Joines [9186] son of Thomas Joines [278] and Mary Caudle [279].  Mary Caudle was supposedly the daughter of Benjamin Caudle [112] though the evidence remains anecdotal.

May 4, 1829

Jesse Caudill purchases 100 acres of land belonging to Jeremiah Caudill
Wilkes County Deed Book M pp. 358 & 359

Joel Vannoy Esquire, High Sheriff of the County of Wilkes, sells Jesse Caudill {of the County of Wilkes}.

Text Brown(((1) This is using the FN footnote)) 


venditioni exponas a writ. Where it appears upon the return of a writ of FIERI FACIAS that the sheriff has seized goods of the judgment debtor that he has not sold or that he has been unable to sell for want of buyers, the judgment creditor may apply for a writ of venditioni exponas, directing the sheriff to ‘sell for the best price obtainable’.
Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006
VENDITIONI EXPONAS, practice. That you expose to sale. The name of a writ of execution, directed to the sheriff, commanding him to sell goods or chattels, and in some states, lands, which he has taken in execution by virtue of a fieri facias, and which remain unsold.

part, wherein by virtue of Writ of V*** Ex*** *** from the County Court of Wilkes against the property of Jeremiah Caudle for the sum of forty four dollars which said sum was recorded by Robert Martin and John Finley of the said Jeremiah Caudle. as on record may appear:  And whereas the said Writ of ***** **** was directed and delivered to the said Joel Vannoy Esquire High Sheriff as aforesaid, commanding him to expose to Sale One Hundred Acres of land, to Satisfy to Robert Martin and John Finley as aforesaid said land lying and being in the County aforesaid.  Situate and bounden as follows.

Lying on the waters of Roaring river Beginning at a white oak on Morgans line with said line running thence North Sixty two Chains and crossing a creek to a white oak Power corner thence East with Power line twenty Chains to a Stake said Power corner thence North with said line ten chains to a Stake thence five chains and fifty links to a short Oak sapling thence South eleven chains to a Sowerwood Sapling Ezekial Joine’s line thence West with said line eleven chains to a post oak corner of said Jines line thence South with said line sixty one chains crossing the creek to a white Oak thence fifteen chains to the beginning.  Also one other Tract of land lying on Roaring river waters beginning at a Spanish Oak a little above the Spicer’s Improvement where William Hodge now lives and running thence West one hundred poles to a pine and a red Oak Sapling thence South one hundred and sixty poles to two white Oaks and a hickory Sapling on a hillside near a branch thence East one hundred poles to a post Oak and white Oak thence North one hundred and Sixty poles to the first Station including the said Spicer’s Improvement And the said Joel Vannoy Sheriff as aforesaid after due Advertisement According to Law did cause the said piece or parcel of land with all Appurtenances thereunto belonging to be put up at public sale to the highest bidder on the fourth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine at which time and place the aforesaid Jesse Caudill became the last and highest bidder at the sum of forty four dollars for the said lands with Appurtenances Thereunto belonging:  This Indenture, therefore, witnesseth, that the said Joel Vannoy sheriff of Wilkes county as aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of forty four dollars to him in hand paid by the said Jesse Caudill at and before the sealing and signing of those present, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Joel Vannoy Sheriff doth hereby bargain, sell, ***, *** convey and confirm unto the Said Jesse Caudill his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, forever all the aforesaid lands right **** title, claim or demand of or in the the piece or parcel of land with all the ***ments and e****ments to the same belonging or in any wise Appertaining, to hold to the said Jesse Caudill his heirs, executors, Administrators or assigns **** in a full and *** a manner as the said Sheriff is empowered by Virtue of his Office, and the aforesaid Writ of Vind*** Exsonas. And further, the said Joel Vannoy Sheriff doth hereby covenant, promise and grant to and with the said Jesse Caudill his heirs, executors administrators or assigns that they shall and may from time to time and at all times hereafter, have, hold, occupy, possess and enjoy the said premises, with the appurtenances free and clear of and from all encumbrances had made done or committed by him the said Joel Vannoy Sheriff, or by his order, means or procurement, and he the said Joel Vannoy Sheriff, will warrant and defend the same to the said Jesse Caudill his heirs, executors administrators or assigns, forever, sofar as his Office of Sheriff will admit and no further.

M.360 September 13, 1829

[1]     1850 United States Federal Census, Seventh Census of the United States. Washington, D.C.:  National Archives and Records Administration.  Census Place: Wilkes, North Carolina; Roll: M432_649; Page: 254B.

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