Chapter 113 – Isham Caudle

Isham Caudle [113] was born abt. 1735 the son of Stephen Caudle [107] and Mary Elizabeth Fields [109].  Given his birth year of 1735, it’s reasonable to deduce that Isham was born on the 195 acre tract Stephen and Mary owned near Trisvan Cemetery just a bit north of the Nottoway River in what is now Stony Creek, VA.

Figure 113-1: Stephen Cawdle’s 1731 property, view looking south.

Married: Elizabeth Buckner

Elizabeth may have been from the part of Anson County that became Rowan in 1753. There is also evidence of an association between the Caudill and Buckner families.


Table 113-1: Children of Isham Caudle

(In the 1790 Census of Chatham Co., NC, Isham is enumerated with five males under 16 years of age in his household and two young females.  Assuming reasonably these individuals are his children, then the 55 year old Isham has seven children  )

No. Name ID No. Birth Death
1 ? 1 Male of 5 Caudle [14945] Bet. 1774–1790
2 ? 2 Male of 5 Caudle [14946] Bet. 1774–1790
3 ? 3 Male of 5 Caudle [14947] Bet. 1774–1790
4 ? 4 Male of 5 Caudle [14948] Bet. 1774–1790
 5 ? 5 Male of 5 Caudle [14949] Bet. 1774–1790
6 ? 1 Female of 2 Caudle [14950] Bef. 1790
7 ? 2 Female of 2 Caudle [14951] Bef. 1790

February 15, 1769

Isham and his wife Elizabeth appear to be moving southwest. We see them in Granville County, N.C. by 1769.

Deed Book J, Page 146 – 2/15/1769 – James Caudle of Granville County, N.C. sells Isom Caudle of same county 100 acres on Tar River adjoining Jones. Witnesses: James Willis, Littleton Mapp.

Littleton Mapp, b. abt. 1737, relocated to Ninety-Six District, Spartan Division, by 1779-1780.  See SC Early Census Index.

August 15, 1777

Deed Book L, Page 187 – 8/15/1777 – Isham Cordill to Thomas Bradford, both of Granville County, N.C. … 100 acres on south side of Tar River adjoining Jones land. Same land as in the above deed. Isham’s wife Elizabeth also takes part in the sale.

Witnesses: Thomas Veasos (?), William Burford, and Robert Allison.

The fact that Isham’s wife, Elizabeth, took part in the above sale indicates that her dower land was included. Legally, she must agree to the sale of her dower and sign the deed. It appears Isham and Elizabeth are selling all of their land in Granville County in preparation to migrate southwest to Chatham County, N.C. In 1784, Isham received a land grant in Chatham County, N.C.

March 31, 1780

On March 31, 1780, Isham Caudle was granted 0.85 acres On Little Beaver Creek in Chatham Co., NC.((Issued: 31 Mar 1780; Book: 32 pg: 242; Grant no.: 388; Entered: 02 Apr 1779; Entry no.: 629; File no.: 257; MARS:; State Archives of NC microfilm reel S.108.595; Chatham County File No. 257.))  The Little Beaver Creek is located at {35°41’19.70″N, 78°57’7.98″W}, about seventeen miles west and a few degrees south of Raleigh.

Figure 113-2: The current area of Little Beaver Creek in Chatham Co., NC.  Isham Caudle’s 1780 property was situated on Little Beaver Creek.

November 1784

Deed Book D, Page 45 – November 1784 – a North Carolina land grant is given to Isham Caudle.

April 28, 1790

Deed Book H, Page 227 – 4/28/1790 – Isham Caudle to Ely Howard … 300 acres on Little Beaver Creek. Witnesses: Allen Utley, Dempsey Taylor.

Between August 2, 1790 and May 2, 1791

First Census of the United States, Chatham County, NC

County Given Name Surname Page No.

Free White Persons

Males < 16

Free White Persons
Males > 16
Free White Persons
Number of
Household Members
Chatham Beckner
(sic. Buckner)
Caudle p.216 3 1 1 5  (1)
Chatham Bleaker Caudle p.228  1 2  3  (2)
Chatham Isham Caudle p.228  5  1  3  9  (3)
Chatham Jesse Caudle p.232  1  1  2  4  (4)
Chatham Benjamin Cuddle
(sic. Caudle)
p.234  3  1  2  6
Chatham John Caudle p.234 1 4  5


  1. Buckner is enumerated near several members of the Crow family.  David Caudell [13066] born abt. 1821, son of Benjamin Caudell [13083] born abt. 1788, married Sarah Crow daughter of William Crow.  Is there too much coincidence?
  2. Bleaker appears next to Isham in this census.  While a familial relationship may be implied, this page of this census is approximately alphabetic diminishing the desire to be presumptuous;
  3. At this time, by tradition, Isham was 55 years of age.  Having five males under 16 years of age is rather curious.  Perhaps some of these individuals are grandchildren and one of the females is a widowed or separated daughter (?) — mere speculation on my part;
  4. Since there are two young children in the household and most have children between 25 and 30 years of age, we can surmise that Jesse was likely born before 1765 (i.e. 1790-25);

September 25, 1794

Deed Book 14, Page 532 – 9/25/1794 in Rowan County indicates a David Buckner and his wife Priscilla, a Buckner Caudoll, Benjamin Buckner, and John Buckner present in this county. David Buckner is selling Benjamin Cordle, both of Rowan County, 65 acres of land located on the Yadkin River.

November 1794

Deed Book G, Page 331 – Nov. 1794 – Isham Caudle to John Richardson … 50 acres on Little Beaver Creek. Witnesses: William Hudson, George Richardson.


Buckner is very likely the son of Isham & Elizabeth. His given name “Buckner” could be his mother’s maiden name.

Deed Book 10, Page 174 – 12/10/1792 in Orange County, N.C. – Buckner Caudell to Titus Atwater … 100 acres. Buckner Caudell lives in Chatham County, N.C. Land is on Terell’s Creek Chatham County line and adjoining Peter Shroud on the north. Witnesses: William Myrick, Moses Atwater.

August 4, 1800

Second Census of the United States, Wilkes County, NC

During this census, there

November 24, 1802

Deed Book 19, Page 20 – 11/24/1802 in Rowan County – Benjamin Caudle to Avery Buckner … 57 acres on south side of Yadkin River adjoining Benjamin Buckner, Smith, Deadman, & Avery Buckner. Witnesses: Solomon Banks, Samuel Johnson, & John Collins.


Deed Book C-1, Page 479 – ___/23/1803 – Between John Oaks Johnson & Theophilius Johnson … & David Caudell, Rowan County, N.C. … $200 for 150 acres at Middle fork Roaring River where Henry Johnson’s line joins river … connecting line between Sabret Choat & said Johnson … Little Creek. Witnesses: Stephen Caudill, James Caudill, & William Caudill. Signed: John Oaks Johnson & Theophilius Johnson.

March 10, 1812

Deed Book G-H, Page 338 – Wilkes County 3/10/1812 – David Caudill to Benjamin Adams … 50 acres adjoining James Caudle and Benjamin Adams. Witnesses: Benjamin Adams, Benjamin Caudel.

Deed Book K, Page 2 – 11/30/1816 in Wilkes County – Stephen Caudill to David Caudill … 140 acres for $5 on Harris Creek of Roaring River. David Caudill now lives on the place. Witnesses: Thomas Jones (sic. Joines), Elizabeth Walker.

1810: Third Census of the United States, Wilkes County, NC
During this census, there