This page of our site contains biographies of select individuals and their families.

Each member in the Family Tree has an ID# that they’ve been assigned.  This has become useful in providing a consistent methodology for organizing information related to a specific person in our heritage.  Each biography is treated as an independent chapter, and the collection is something I call ROOTBALLS: Caudill Family History.  Because you see a Chapter #453, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a Chapter #452 or #454.  I write where my next interest lies.

If you’ve written something you’d like to share, by all means, please submit it!  Many hands make light work.

I truly hope you enjoy what I’ve researched, compiled and written — I truly enjoy the work.


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Chapter 113 Isham Caudle
(1735 –   )
Isham (what a great name …) Caudle [113] was born abt. 1735 in VA, son of Stephen James Caudle [107].  He removed to NC and resided in Chatham County as well as Granville County. August 22, 2017
Chapter 169 Jeremiah Caudill
(abt. 1779 – 1829)
Jeremiah Caudill [169] was born abt. 1779 and died in Wilkes County NC some time just prior to 1830.  He married Sarah Adams, daughter of John Hobbs Adams and Nancy Jane Caudle. Jeremiah and Sarah had nine children, five boys and four girls. August 22, 2017
Chapter 453 Absalom Caudle, Jr.
(abt. 1800 – 1846)
Absalom Caudle, Jr. [453] was born in Anson County, NC, son of Revolutionary War veteran Absalom Caudle, Sr.  He relocated his family to the area of Scotts Hill, TN, sometime around 1831.  Scotts Hill is located in Decatur and Henderson Counties and is equidistant between Nashville and Memphis. February 9, 2015
Chapter 12894 Nathaniel and Matthew Laffoon The Laffoon’s and the Caudle’s share a heritage beginning as early as 1751 in Brunswick Co., VA, through the late 1700’s, to 1826 in Surry Co., NC, and even as recently as 1849 with the marriage of John Jackson Caudill to Mary Laffoon.  Brothers Matthew and Nathaniel are where we pick up their story. May 4, 2015
Chapter 14583 Hubbard Quarles
Hubbard Quarles [14583] lived next to the Caudle family for several years while Stephen was residing up on Rocky Run in Brunswick Co., VA.  His name appears in several legal documents (deeds mostly) aside the names of Stephen Caudle, Sampson Caudle, Richard Caudle, and John Caudle.  There’s no familial relationship that I’ve discovered. November 12, 2016